Insomnia kills!

in the long run ...

Sleep problems and stress are closely related. Impaired sleep causes stress and stress keeps you awake.
It is the stress that will get you in the end! Running a marathon is easier on your physiology than 24/7 stress! Stress will ruin your sleep rythm, drain your energy and in the end will damage your immune system. In the long run this is associated with chronic problems like fatigue, pain, obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and Alzheimer.
So, more than enough arguments to do something about it.

We work online with people around the world. In our approach we use evidence based methods only, mostly based on cognitive behavioral practice. The treatment we offer is goal directed and short term.

In some cases the treatment is covered by your health insurance. In most cases a per hour fee of 150 US$ applies.

On the next pages you’ll find some basic information on the management of sleep disorders and stress.